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floating friends!  by kotakitty262
floating friends!
So this is another head shot piece I think I have 2 more left to upload! Chacters on the right be long to my friends black amber which is on the top belongs to morbid-candide and the one below charoite belongs to K0NS2
friends gems!  by kotakitty262
friends gems!
Sooo I did a thing ill be posting more In a second! But I wanted to post this one first I hope to get this scanned but I don't really want to tear it out my sketchbook lol
Anyway! The one with glass is my gem friend MistyHowler4325! The one next to her is a friend from my tumblr blog she belongs to ask-fire-and-lite her name is iolite! The one above belongs to neonsparx-su and his name is PecoraitProcedure if you have a tumblr you should go check them out! I hope you like hehe
that's not how it works by kotakitty262
that's not how it works
Hey everyone! so I wanted to draw a little do-dad with all my RP friends and their gems! I know it's not everyone I rp with but I wanted to get my main peeps on here before I ran out of room X3 anyway! the one on the far left belongs to morbid-candide he is black amber! very cool go check her page out! the one laying down is my sunstone as well as the one wrapped in her legs is my moonstone! the one giggling on the left is Smoked topaz! and the one on the right is Jargon. the ones I just listed off belong to friends on my tumblr page specifically for gems! if you'd like to see my rp's in action go check out my tumblr I'll be leaving a link for it down below! and go so hi to my friends on there! I will also be posting this picture on there and tagging them ^^ I hope you guys enjoy I thought this "Draw your squad" thing was very cute! 

Spessarite by kotakitty262
hey everyone! so me and one of gem friends decided we would like to due a fusion! this is a fusion of my sunstone and MistyHowler4325 gem Danburite! she is Spessarite it's so pretty! despite sunstone being somewhat fiery I think Spessarite would be calm and cool. she would be very strong and reliant and I can see her being very good at war tactics and things in that nature! how you like it and I don't know if that tag worked so I'll be leaving a link to her Deviantart below if you'd like to check her out! 

new years!   by kotakitty262
new years!
So I forgot to post this but this was my basic outift for new years! I had a cute little black and white dress and I'd recently bought a new black wig I wanted to try and do some more "naturally" looking makeup and I think it came looking okay ^^ hope everyone had a good new years! And thanks for stopping by and checking out my art!
The leaves slam across her face as her breathing became furious panting. She can feel the branches grabbing and ripping her dress but she can’t stop. No matter how painful it is to breath, like the oxygen in her lungs is made of gasoline and ever step she takes is a never ending spark engulfing in a explosion of pure agony! She can’t stop running
“I should of never left the camp! I should of never fought with my sister! I just wish..”
she thinks before screaming out into the unknow darkness

“I could say I’m sorry!”

The tree above is ripped from the ground like it was nothing more than a child’s play thing by a enormous corrupted gem who’s form was horribly twisted into a mountain of arms and legs each having sets of eyes and mouths all grinning and looking at her she new there was rumors of a corrupted gem that harvested lesser gems and forced them to fuse so it could become more powerfull but she didn’t beleive them! Her body trembled in fear and agony she could do nothing but fall to her knees with her mouth open letting out a small silent scream
“this was it this is how I…how shatter…”

She though as her eyes made contact with the monsters seeing not only hunger but pain and fear behind the menacing eyes. She hit the ground like the weight of her fears and regrets became the weight of her body and lost consciousness, as she did so did the ground beneath her crumbling do to the lack of support of the trees and the beast realized he had chased her to the top of a cliff, the cliff started to crumbled like burnt paper to the touch of a hand and she fell. The monster trying not to falling straightend its arms and dug them into the ground as well as with its limbs and howeled and screeched at the loss of newest victim the gem was lucky enough to…fall right in your arms..
So! A starter maybe? I’m still new to this so please tell me if I’m doing this wrong also! I hope you don’t mind but I would love to draw your character I sorta drew the picture first before the idea for the story came mid through XD but if your uncomfortable or dont want me to draw because it being a starter I understand and ill just turn it into a fushion between the sisters?

This was ment for the picture of her being held by a stranger if you'd like to be In it please pm me!


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being a college student is pretty difficult! so finding time to enjoy myself and draw is hard. I'll update when I can but as of now deviantart isn't as important :/

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